Astrology Fashion: Colour for Your Rising Sign

Astrology Fashion: Colour for Your Rising Sign

When it comes to fashion, each rising sign possesses a unique cosmic palette that extends beyond mere aesthetics—it's a reflection of your celestial identity. 
Let's delve deeper into the hues that resonate with your rising sign and explore how to incorporate them into specific clothing items.

Aries Rising: Red 

For the bold Aries rising, red isn't just a colour; it's an energy. Incorporate red into statement pieces like dresses, blazers, or accessories. I love seeing Aries rising women in a bold red lip or a striking pair of crimson heels will channel your dynamic spirit effortlessly. 
Rihanna really knows the power of red.  Idk about you, but when I think Rihanna - I think red lipstick. Her Super Bowl halftime performance was so iconic and unforgettable and enhanced with the boldness of red.
Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl
Rihanna in Red Fur Jacket

Taurus Rising: Green

Green, the color of tranquility, finds its place in the wardrobe of Taurus risings. Opt for green in lush fabrics—think emerald green sweaters, shamrock-colored scarves, or basil-toned cardigans. These pieces bring out your nurturing and softer side while complimenting your strong and bold personality.
Gigi Hadid's features really pop I green, both lighter and darker shades. 
Gigi Hadid in Green

Gemini Rising: Grey (Silver)

Grey's balanced charm suits the multifaceted Gemini. Integrate this color into your wardrobe through versatile pieces like flint-colored jackets, graphite-toned pants, or silver accessories. A grey ensemble reflects your adaptability and adds a touch of sophistication to your style.
Lady Gaga looks amazing with platinum blonde hair with an ashy undertone, it makes her look sophisticated and refined. 
Lady Gaga in a Silver Dress

Cancer Rising: Blue

The calming blues that resonate with Cancer risings find a perfect home in your wardrobe. Elevate your style with navy dresses, cerulean tops, or sky-colored accessories. Also pastel colours compliment your softness, making you look effortlessly chic.
In the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie (who played Nadine Macaluso) wore a perfect blue dress when she met and mesmerised the entrepreneur at a house party in the Hamptons.
Margot Robbie in a Blue Dress in The Wolf of Wallstreet

Leo Rising: Yellow (Gold)

Yellow, the color of sunshine, should take center stage in a Leo rising's wardrobe. Embrace yellow in bold statements such as middle-toned blouses, Snapchat-inspired dresses, or honey-colored accessories. Use sequins and sparkles and let your wardrobe shine as brightly as your personality.
Blake Lively is the perfect example of a Leo Rising that knows her colours. She often opts for gold tones, matching the gold hues in her lush hair. Even when she played the role of Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, the stylists loved dressing her in gold when it was her time to shine.
Blake Lively in a Sequin Dress
Blake Lively in a Gold Jumpsuit 
Serena van der Woodsen in a Gold Dress

Virgo Rising: Green 

Just like Taurus, Virgos find solace in green. Incorporate this color into your wardrobe with emerald green blouses, shamrock-toned skirts, or basil-hued accessories. These pieces reflect your earthy and practical nature while adding a touch of freshness to your style.
Just like Gigi, Bella Hadid looks amazing in green. 
Bella Hadid for Harpers Bazaar

Bella Hadid in a Green Coat

Libra Rising: Pink

For Libra risings, pink is the go-to shade for expressing charm and elegance. Infuse watermelon tones into your summer wardrobe, coral-colored blouses, or experiment with punch and fuscia accessories. Play on your soft and feminine energy, mix and match various shades of pink to create harmonious and eye-catching ensembles.  
Beyoncé looks stunning in all shades of pink, it works well for her feminine aura and Doja Cat really knew what she was doing with her album cover.
Beyonce in a hot pink dress
Doja Cat Hot Pink Album Cover

Scorpio Rising: Dark Allure

Scorpio risings exude mystery, and dark hues complement this energy perfectly. Embrace black in your wardrobe with denim jackets, indigo-toned jeans, or peacock-inspired accessories. These dark shades add depth and allure to your fashion choices.
Lily-Rose Depp looks like she was born to wear a sexy, lace black dress and a smokey eye. 
Lilly-Rose Depp in a Black Lace Dress

Sagittarius Rising: Orange

The vivacity of orange deserves a special place in the wardrobe of Sagittarius risings. Stand out with tiger-toned dresses, opt for orange sweaters or scarves, or introduce sandstone-colored accessories. Let the warmth of orange infuse positivity into your style.
Kim Kardashian looks so fun and cool in orange, it makes her features really stand out. 
Kim Kardashian in an orange outfit

Capricorn Rising: Brown 

Brown embodies the practical sophistication of Capricorn risings. Integrate caramel tones into vintage-inspired clothing, choose pecan-colored pants or sweats, and embrace cinnamon hues in timeless pieces. Chocolate-colored long coats or trenches add a touch of refinement to your wardrobe.
Kylie Jenner knows her colour is brown, whenever she wears brown, it makes her look sophisticated and luxurious.
Kylie Jenner in Brown
Kylie Jenner in brown

Aquarius Rising: White

Aquarians find elegance in the simplicity of white. Make a statement with crisp white shirts, don white denim, or accessorize with light-colored elements. The purity of white enhances your innate grace and aligns with your visionary nature.
Aqua rising, Nicki Minaj looks stunning in white. The simplicity of white compliments her bold personality and really lets her shine.
Nicki Minaj in a White Fur

Pisces Rising: Purple

Mystical purples define the wardrobe of Piscean risings. Unleash the magic with amethyst-colored dresses, orchid-toned summer outfits, or violet accessories. Jam-colored pieces or wine-toned coats add a touch of sophistication to your ethereal style.
Gwyneth Paltrow looks so fresh and young when she wears the purple colours that compliment her. 
Gwyneth Paltrow in a Purple Dress
As you curate your wardrobe, let the colors inspired by your rising sign guide your choices. From bold reds to tranquil greens and mystical purples, each hue contributes to the cosmic symphony that is uniquely you. Whether it's a dress, accessory, or outerwear, infuse your style with the celestial energies that resonate with your rising sign, and let your wardrobe become a cosmic expression of your true self.
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