Self-Regulation or Escaping Emotions?

Self-Regulation or Escaping Emotions?

Stop trying to self-regulate all the time.

I feel like this is the new “stay calm”. Sometimes you’re not supposed to be calm and collected. You are meant to feel and to feel fully.

You are not a robot. You are allowed to have an emotional reaction and hold space for yourself and your feelings.

Feelings can definitely be uncomfortable, but they are here for a reason.

Sometimes a negative emotion is a call to action. You feel a negative emotion as a natural response to a situation - your mind wants to relive you of this and starts to look for solutions.

Listening to this and allowing yourself to experience your emotions can give you a more intimate relationship with yourself.

It allows you to know yourself better and get deeper within yourself.

Yoga, child pose

If you're striving for a complete control over your life and your emotions, you run the risk of turning yourself into another project. Something you constantly have to “fix”.

You are creating another way to judge yourself.

Learning to regulate yourself is a great thing, as a Capricorn moon, I am the first to recommend it. Thats why I love my aromatherapy diffuser and my journal, but make sure you're not using it as a way to escape your feelings. 

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